No Lien, No credit check, No cost

CCLB, in partnership with GRID Alternatives, has been offering solar PV installation training opportunities for CCLB members in order to provide hands on experience and higher opportunities for job placement in a booming industry that is part of a new wave of future employment. In an effort to expand the scope of solar PV installation training in the Long Beach area, CCLB, GRID Alternatives and partners are able to provide fully funded Solar electric systems for families that enroll to support the expansion of the solar job training effort with CCLB. In order to be eligible to apply for a no-cost solar electric system, you must:

– own and live in your home

– earn 80% below the area median income

– Live within predetermined areas of Long Beach

If you meet the eligibility requirements and are selected for this unique opportunity, you will receive a NO-COST solar electric system that could reduce your utility bill up to 80%. There will be no lien placed on your home, no credit check, no cost for the system and no property tax increase. This is possible due to the support received from local and state funding partners. The goal is to expand solar job training and access to solar electric systems to CCLB members and families in Long Beach.

Click HERE for more information. Click HERE to apply for the program.

Please contact CCLB at (562) 986-1249 or email at if you have any questions.