On any given day more than 75 CCLB Corpsmembers are working in the greater Long Beach & Gateway Cities region planting and caring for trees, building community gardens, constructing parks, building trails, removing graffiti, restoring native habitat, and educating the public about the importance of environmental stewardship and community service.  Our participants are led by professional staff skilled in arboriculture, horticulture, biology, construction, agriculture, ecology, environmental science as well as a host of other relevant disciplines.

The Conservation Corps of Long Beach (CCLB) has a proven, 25-year track record including decades of experience in the management and implementation of multimillion dollar projects as well as the administration of other non-profit partners.  As a nimble non-profit agency CCLB has a history of aiding our public partners in the prompt implementation of multifaceted and complex ventures.  We’ve performed projects throughout Southern California including; Catalina Island, the Santa Monica Mountains, the Angeles and San Bernardino National  Forests, Channel Islands National Park, the City of Long Beach, and across Los Angeles County.  Our Conservation, Education, and Supportive Services staff expertise is as diverse as the communities and people we serve.  Staff proficiencies include business management, equipment operation, horticulture, forestry, biology, construction as well as credentialed teaching, licensed social work, vocational education, and post Corps job placement.

CCLB employs young people to provide the following conservation services throughout the greater Long Beach and Gateways Cities area. They show up in uniform and ready to work, along with a staff supervisor and all the tools they need to successfully complete the job. On any given day, CCLB can dispatch up to a dozen crews – or a labor force of more than 75 young people – as far and wide as the San Bernardino Mountains to the Channel Islands.

CCLB Conservation & Community Services include:


  • Urban Forestry/Arboriculture/Tree Planting & Maintenance
  • Community Garden Development and Construction


  • Solar photovoltaic installation and maintenance
  • Weatherization
  • Energy auditing services


  • Rainwater catchment & collections systems design, installation, and maintenance
  • Bio-swale and groundwater recharge system installation
  • Smart irrigation system installation and maintenance
  • Turf removal & drought tolerant landscape installation


  • Landscape construction
  • Construction equipment operation and safety training
  • Hard-scape construction
  • Demolition and de-construction
  • Steam cleaning, hard-scape maintenance, & graffiti removal


  • Resource Conservation & Environmental Education (K-6)
    • Community Outreach & Canvassing


  • Recycling Services
  • Habitat Restoration “Plant propagation, Weed removal, etc…”
  • Natural Lands “Fuel Reduction, Trail Work, etc…”

Depending on project location, scope, technical aspects, and scale, CCLB has experience and will deploy crews accordingly.  Whether the specific project mandates a long term small (4 member) self- contained backcountry crew or a large (10 member) local urban crew deployed on a daily basis, we will customize the crew structure to meet our sponsor’s designated project goals.  All crews are available year round and are equipped with uniforms, personal safety gear, basic tools, and first aid kits.  All supervisors have agency cell phones and, if need be, radios.  CCLB manages a CHP inspected and certified fleet of over 25 GPS-equipped vehicles including crew vans, passenger vehicles, pickup trucks, specialized 2- and 3-ton stake-side and panel trucks, as well as equipment trailers.

Our underlying goal for all projects and programs is to ensure or exceed sponsor-identified goals and outcomes while enriching the lives of the youth we serve working on the project.  We pride ourselves as being customer (sponsor) friendly flexible and structure our crews to specific projects.  Prior to project identification and implementation and working in collaboration with project sponsors the Corps will identify each project’s technical attributes and assign coordination staff with appropriate experience and specialized skill sets.  Our goal is to ensure crews are more than adequately trained and equipped to successfully accomplish each respective project while at same time garnering or enhancing new skill sets and an appreciation for public and environmental service.

Give our young people a chance to impress you by partnering with the CCLB on your next conservation or community project.

Once the Corpsmember is familiar with the Recycling Department and shows enthusiasm to further their paid work experience, while continuing their work in the high school, a move to our Work Projects is the next step.

Work projects are funded by Fee-for-Service contracts. Currently, our list of clients include: Belmont Shore, City of Bellflower, City of Carson, City of Downey, East Anaheim Business Alliance, City of Signal Hill, City of Paramount.

We are proud to have the endorsement by the Gateway Cities/Council of Governments representing 32 cities including the Port of Long Beach and the County of Los Angeles.

CCLB projects include graffiti removal, bike/walking trail maintenance, landscape work, drought tolerant plant installation, water conservation projects, painting, distribution of flyers, and steam cleaning bus stops.

If you want to discuss hiring the CCLB for a project you have, please email info@cclb-corps.org.

CCLB Corpsmember Application (pdf)