Gateway Cities Charter School

Conservation Corps of Long Beach Gateway Cities Charter School serves 18 – 25 year olds desiring to complete their high school credits to earn their diploma.

According to 2012 statistics from the National Center for Education statistics, a high school graduate earns a median annual earning of $30,000 (full-time wage for a 25-34 year old) versus someone without a high school diploma $22,900. This is $35,500 more in JUST 5 years. The work for a high school diploma is worth it. The CCLB Gateway Cities Charter School can help students achieve this, while helping them further their education and increase their earning potential.

Class days and times are flexible and enrollment is year-round, tailored around students’ needs with certified teachers dedicating time to each student to assist them in reaching their goals of attaining their diploma.

Once a student demonstrates a commitment to the CCLB Gateway Cities Charter School program and to their studies and course work, they will be invited to combine their education with paid work experience.

Ways to be involved

Monetary donations for supplies, special events or opportunities for field trips would be greatly appreciated. For inquiry please email