As a certified Local Conservation Corps, CCLB benefits from various legislation and ballot measures. Click the links below to learn more about how your vote supports us.

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Thank you to all the voters who took part in the 2018 elections!

State Legislation & Propositions


Bottle Bill (1986): Consumers pay a few extra cents on bottles that is then returned to consumers when they recycle their containers. Local conservation corps recycle unredeemed containers and utilize the funds to underwrite supplies, trainings, and programs for their at-risk youth corpsmembers.

Proposition 84: In 2006, voters passed a $5 billion bond measure to improve drinking water, water quality and supply, flood control, and riparian boundaries. Local conservation corps have been a part of numerous projects that reduce flood reduce, increase stormwater capture and use, and restore rivers and coastal zones.

SB 99 (2013): The Active Transportation Programs (ATP), as created by SB 99, encourages partnerships among state and local agencies and conservation corps. The program supports sidewalk repair, sign installation, irrigation and landscape, trail and park construction and maintenance, graffiti removal, wildlife fencing, and other urban greening and safety projects.

Proposition 1 (2014): The water bond was passed by voters and supports local conservation corps’ projects and programs that restore riparian ecosystems, improve waterways, and form partnerships that encourage water conservation and education.

AB 1558 (2017): Assembly Bill 1558 was signed into law in October 2017. It provides a means for state and local agencies to develop a River Ranger Program along the LA River and its tributaries, utilizing local conservation corps.

Proposition 68: In June 2018, voters passed a $4 billion bond measure that will fund environmental projects in low-income communities. Such projects focus on state and local park construction and improvement, water quality and infrastructure, climate adaptation and community resiliency, and other natural resource improvement efforts.

SB-1181: The California Senate proposed a bill that allows the Office of Emergency Services to contract with certified conservation corps to provide emergency and disaster related-services. The bill was chaptered on September 21, 2018.

AB-2126: The State Assembly proposed a bill that grants the California Conservation Corps and its certified local conservation corps an opportunity to form a forestry corps to provide training for corpsmembers in all forestry aspects, while also increasing the health of the forests within California. The bill was chaptered on September 21, 2018.

AB-1928: The State Assembly proposed a bill that grants the Director of the California Conservation Corps the ability to contract with certified local conservation corps to aid in the a project or program implemented to further the findings of the State Legislature. It was chaptered on September 5, 2018.

Local Measures


Measure A (2016): The LA County Parks and Open Space Parcel Tax authorized the county to impose an annual parcel tax with collected funds going to projects that enhance and preserve parks, beaches, open space lands, natural areas, waterways, water resources, and equestrian facilities, as well as those that provide support for safe communities. Currently, part of the Measure is under litigation. More information is available at LA County Parks and Rec.

Stormwater Measure (Measure W): In July, the LA County Board of Supervisors voted to place a parcel tax on the November ballot. The measure, passed by 2/3rds majority, will fund stormwater projects, emphasizing installation of capture and use systems and reducing flood risk and improving community resiliency.