Our Mission

Develop at-risk youth through work, service, conservation and education.

About CCLB

The Conservation Corps of Long Beach (CCLB) is a nonprofit charitable 501 (c)(3) organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and one of the fourteen certified local conservation corps in the state of California.

For each of the last 28 years, the CCLB has hired more than 200 at-risk youth, ages 18-25 from areas served by the Greater Long Beach Workforce Development Board and Gateway Cities Council of Governments to work on projects developed by the CCLB. Projects benefit local cities, county agencies, business and other nonprofit agencies. Training program participants known as Corpsmembers are employed by the CCLB and trained to carry out specific job duties paired with a variety of projects including recycling, park restoration, drought tolerant plant installation and steam cleaning

The CCLB also requires Corpsmembers to be enrolled in an education program while working for the CCLB to further their formal education. CCLB Corpsmembers who do not have a high school diploma are enrolled in the CCLB Gateway Cities Charter School to earn credits and complete their high school diploma while working for the CCLB. High school grads, which include program participants who enter the program with a high school diploma and those Corpsmembers who successfully graduate from the CCLB Gateway Cities Charter School, are required to attend life skills courses, which provide soft skills such as resume building and financial literacy. Corpsmembers are encouraged to further their educational goals through attending some form of post-secondary instruction. As an open entry/exit program, CCLB program components are ongoing. This program design gives Corpsmembers with multiple barriers to employment and/or furthering their education time to develop necessary skills to enter and remain in the workforce.

Additionally, the CCLB offers a safe, enriching, and fun after school program at Dooley Elementary and Perry Lindsey Academy serving 260 students a day. These first to eights graders participate in three hours of structured academic improvement, enrichment and recreation five days a week, via a partnership with the Long Beach Unified School District’s Winners Reaching Amazing Potential (WRAP) program. The Conservation Corps of Long Beach is proud to help Long Beach’s youth reach their fullest potential.

Annual Reports (pdf)